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The Doctor

Name’s Greg (GregSCohen to you; Ory, KBG, and a variety of other nicknames to various other people). Regardless of what you call me, it’s nice to make your acquaintance. So, who am I? Well, that’s a loaded question but I will give it a shot.

I could easily give you some credentials about my education, my socioeconomic standing, or other endeavors I am pursuing but I think that is as much who I am as the color shirt I am wearing currently (brown). Therefore, I will approach this a little differently…

A few days prior to my 27th birthday, I quit my job working for General Electric as a Project Manager. I had positioned myself well in the company to have a very stable course to upper management; especially given the economy, many people warned me that I was a fool for leaving. After all, I worked extremely hard to graduate undergrad in three years, earn my MBA shortly after, and stack my resume with a plethora of certifications and leadership programs–most Fortune 500 hiring managers would actually appreciate my resume landing on their desk.

Unfortunately, no one wakes up and says, “You know what I am happy about today, Gas Turbines.” Yes, they are necessary and many wonderful people will have long fulfilling careers working in that space, but not me. My business, and what makes me happy, is contributing to society in a way that will alter mindsets and drive positive change.

So, I started Other Brothers, LLC. Other Brothers, LLC is a start-up online media company immersed in conceptualizing, designing, producing, and maintaining rich media websites. Other Brothers not only maintains several websites (including this one) and online stores currently, it also offers consulting in marketing matters—particularly on social media and grassroots campaigns with a strong online presence.

So, who am I? The marketing specialist you’ve been looking for.

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