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Social Writing Assignment – Instagram

Recently, a Social Media Company asked me to “write a sample client e-mail explaining what Instagram is and how brands are able to harness the network marketing opportunity on the photo sharing platform.” Below is my submission.

Hello Client!

I understand you have expressed an interest in utilizing Instagram as another channel for Company X’s ongoing social media campaign. Here at Other Brothers we highly recommend Instagram, use it daily, and think it can be an insanely useful tool to share Company X with its loyal fans. First, I want to take a minute to break down what Instagram is and then I will highlight how Company X can harness it as a marketing opportunity.

Instagram is a social networking service, like Facebook or Twitter, that allows users to take photos, apply a variety of artistic digital filters to said photos, and share them on Instagram and any other social networking services desired. Currently, only two years after its initial launch, Instagram boasts 100 million active users each month—so it is an incredible way to frame, no pun intended, Company X in the eyes of its consumers.

Why does Other Brothers think Instagram can be such an effective way to market to Company X’s target audience? Well, Instagram reaches the audience in a way they want to be marketed to—with short messages and beautiful visuals. Here is a shortlist of why Instagram rocks as a marketing tool:

  1. Instagram gives your consumers a backstage pass into Company X’s ongoings. This can be an extremely powerful way to connect with customer and promote events, products, and staff via interesting collages that take only minutes to create.
  2. Instagram impacts users on their mobile and on the web. Although, many people never use Instagram outside of their phones users can browse photos online if they prefer.
  3. Feature Company X’s customers via Instagram. Lets face it, your customers are your greatest advocates and allow you to tell your brands story from an outside perspective—feature what it is like to be a customer of Company X on Instagram. Virgin America Airlines does this constantly.
  4. Photo contests, which are really easy to host on Instagram, can create in depth engagement within Company X users. Sony is a great example of this with their #SonyX picture contest. Company X can also simply reward its followers by giving them promo codes hidden in the caption of Instagram posts.

Now that you know a bit more about Instagram and how it can be utilized to meet Company X’s marketing goals, lets get together so Other Brothers can outline a formal plan for Company X’s Instagram onslaught. We look forward to working with you on this and have a ton of robust ideas on how we can take Company X’s entire social media campaign to the next level.

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